Bajaj and Triumph announced a non-equity joint venture in August 2017 to produce a middle-weight motorcycle for India as well as global markets. A recent report online tells us that both the companies are expected to sign the formal agreement before December.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, Triumph Motorcycles, said, “We have been working with Bajaj (Auto) for a couple of years now and we are close to finalising an agreement with them. Our cooperation in product development has been progressing well.”

“We are very pleased about how the bikes are looking. Rajiv Bajaj recently came over to look at the progress and styling of the models. Bajaj was very pleased with what he saw,” he added.

Triumph has already developed the prototype which is in the testing phase. The engine development will cater to motorcycles ranging in capacity from 250cc-750cc and different genres as well.

“We have been discussing with Bajaj about what is the desired specification. We agreed on what that would be in terms of performance, power and capacity. We know the fuel economy is very important in India. Bajaj has a lot of knowledge about the Indian consumer, which they have brought to the project,” Sargent explained.

Bajaj will have to bring their own platform to the table in order to house the newly developed engine. “Vehicle platform is not part of the agreement. The agreement is on an IP (intellectual property) basis. Bajaj Auto retains the IP that they have and we retain the IP that we have. There is a royalty element to the relationship. If they develop any products using their IP, they are completely free to do that, but if they were to use Triumph IP, then we would have to have a conversation.” Sargent further added.

It is unlikely the Indian manufacture will use any platform from the existing line-up of Bajaj, KTM or even the Husqvarna. Bajaj will have to spawn a new platform for what possibly could be a multi-cylinder motorcycle.

The motorcycle will be locally produced and exported to US, Europe and China. Bajaj also has plans to introduce it in emerging markets of Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and South America. Whereas in India, Triumph will retail the new motorcycle at its dealership and Bajaj’s version is soon expected to follow by 2022.