Sony Center website confirms PS5 will go up for pre-order again in India.

PlayStation 5 restocks are here sooner than anyone expected. The Sony Center official website ShopAtSC has announced that the PS5 will be available again for pre-order on Thursday, May 27 at 12pm (noon), just 10 days after the previous round of orders. These next wave of PlayStation 5 orders will be processed from June 7 onwards, ShopAtSC says, though delays are expected depending on local COVID-19 restrictions on deliveries of non-essential items where you live. Sony Center is currently only advertising the PS5 for May 27, and there is no mention of the PS5 Digital Edition.

For now, ShopAtSC is the only website to announce the next wave of PlayStation 5 pre-orders for India. Others including Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital, and Vijay Sales are likley to be involved as well based on earlier pre-orders. Considering how soon the PS5 is back in stock in India, the new batch of PS5 units that are being made available are no doubt part of the same import shipment as those that were released to the public last Monday, May 17. The PS5 stock sold out in seconds at that time, with some websites failing to even load, and the experience is unlikely to be much better now as demand continues to lead supply.

Sony Center also notes, as it has before, that those who have previously bought a PlayStation 5 on its website will not be allowed to purchase another unit. That restriction stands even if you bought a PS5 Digital Edition last time around. The one-unit restriction also applies to all new PS5 pre-orders on Thursday, May 27. You can buy multiple accessories and games though, for what that’s worth. ShopAtSC, like most other online retailers, also requires you to create an account to buy the PS5.