A new Destiny 2 bug has once again made Warlocks insanely powerful by giving them infinite flaming swords. This makes them a terror in PVE and PVP.

Destiny 2 Warlocks are benefiting from yet another new exploit that makes them insanely powerful – this time, infinite flaming swords. Destiny 2 has produced some spectacular glitches in its time, from the Wish-Ender bow’s multiple massive damage bugs to a glitch that allowed players to completely avoid Destiny 2 bosses’ AOE kill abilities, to the reign of the Guardian-melting Prometheus Lens in the Crucible, players have had a lot of interesting things to enjoy or hate.

One prior glitch gave Warlocks unlimited Nova Bombs in Destiny 2‘s Mayhem PVP mode. This effectively turned every match into a game of dodgeball with players constantly running away from massive purple orbs as they attempted to defeat their opponents. This was fun – for Warlocks. The rest of the community was not the least bit happy with the constant spamming, and now Warlocks have a new, even stronger advantage thanks to a Dawnblade exploit which gives them access to apparently infinite flaming sword attacks.

Destiny 2 Dawnblade Warlocks love throwing around flaming swords – and now they can do it indefinitely thanks to an easy-to-pull-off glitch involving the class’ super ability. This gives them a major advantage in the Crucible and allows Dawnblades to wreak havoc on even the toughest of mobs. While this is handy for strikes, it makes PVP matches a battle of who has the most Dawnblades. Twitch Streamer Gladd first showed off how the new Destiny 2 glitch works .

To activate the newest Destiny 2 glitch, a Dawnblade must first activate his or her super. Immediately after, they should open their inventory and equip a new weapon. After that, they are basically the Human Torch for the foreseeable future. Dawnblades then have unlimited use of their super ability and can burn their enemies to a crisp with abandon. Some are angry with Gladd and other streamers for making the glitch, which he says was discovered by CzRSpecV, public, but widespread use will encourage Bungie to fix it sooner rather than later. This glitch has been known by players for months, according to Gladd, and likely isn’t one Bungie will ban players for using.

When the Prometheus Lens was basically an instant kill or Warlocks could chuck infinite orbs, Bungie explained that a fix was on the way and no bans would occur. This situation will likely play out the same way, so players should take advantage of the opportunity to go crazy with it while the newest in Destiny 2’s long line of exploits still exists.