However, Google has not allowed access to YouTube PiP mode on iPhone to many users unless they do something it wants first.

Shocking as it may seem, while many apps have quickly updated their services to support the Picture-in-Picture feature on iOS, one service that has stood out is Google-owned YouTube. While Google Android users have been able to view content with PiP mode on YouTube, those who own an iPhone have not been so lucky. Apple introduced Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on its iPhones in 2019 with the launch of iOS 13, nearly two years after Google did with Android Oreo in 2017. Now, YouTube has finally, announced that it is introducing support for PiP mode on iPhones. However, there is still a problem as YouTube has also introduced some surprising caveats.

After announcing in June that Google would allow YouTube users on iOS to use PiP mode, YouTube is now slowly rolling out support for the feature on Apple’s iPhones. However, not all users will get this YouTube background video playback feature on their smartphones. The thing is that YouTube has limited this feature to certain users and while many other users would be permitted to use PiP mode at a much later date. It will provide this service to you, if you do something it wants.

Who can use YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS

At the moment, only YouTube Premium users, those who have subscribed for the ad-free and premium service from YouTube will be able to watch their videos in the background in a floating window, also known as PiP mode. This is the same for Android, where YouTube users can play videos in the background only if they have a YouTube Premium subscription. It is possible that YouTube adds support for non-Premium users to use PiP mode at a later stage, but at the moment keep in mind that this is the only way to use the feature on iOS.

How to turn on YouTube Picture-in-Picture on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone and a YouTube Premium subscription, you can visit and make sure you are logged in, then scroll down to the section called “Picture-in-picture on iOS” and click the “Try it out” option. This will enable it for the same account, so you need to make sure you are signed in on the same YouTube account on your iPhone. Now you can visit any video, start playback and then swipe up on the home screen to close the app and watch the video in a floating mini player.